Reframing The Narrative Around Eyewear And Optics Philosophy With Dan Scott

I’m on a mission to make philosophy sexy by taking it out of the academic realm and bringing it down to earth as lived experience. Because let’s face it. Philosophy can be dry as hell. It can come across as something that’s only ever studied and debated, rather than put into practice.

So, when I come across folks who’re also taking dry subjects and industries and coming at them from a new angle, I’ve got to buy them a beer and hear their story. The story of eyewear stylist Dan Scott is particularly interesting.

From musician to optician 

Over a pint (or three), Dan told me one of his earliest ambitions was to be a musician and he spent a lot of time playing in bands, singing and songwriting. He even worked with Grammy-winning songwriters, pitching songs to the likes of One Direction and established artists in the pop sphere. 

In the midst of all of this, he also studied to be a dispensing optician through his family connections because it provided flexible career options. Eventually, Dan made the full transition into the optics industry and came to the realisation that he could make the sector a hell of a lot sexier.

He realised that when people look for new eyewear or frames, there are thousands to choose from and a personal styling touch was lacking. There are loads of variables that impact how eyewear suits someone such as eye colour, clothing, frame material, the quality of the lenses etc.

Dan’s philosophy is built on championing the eyewear industry, educating people about the craft of making glasses and providing a personal styling service so people can look their best. Like the best kind of philosophy, he put his into practice by training to be a personal stylist in London and pairing his technical eyewear expertise with fashion. 

The Eyewear Specialist

The wonderful science of eyewear

The conversation shifted to the technical details of making frames and lenses and Dan put on a masterclass. We got into the mechanics of materials and the properties of acetates, acrylics, vinyl and more. 

It’s truly fascinating stuff. The conversation opened my mind to the rabbit hole of eyewear and everything that goes into making a product that might look simple on the surface. 

Underneath, there is so much more going on. It’s well worth checking out The Eyewear Stylist YouTube channel, where Dan regularly educates viewers on industry trends, materials and keeps his finger on the pulse. 

Speaking of trends, sustainability is a major trend in the optics industry. Dan is a big proponent of sustainability, sourcing biodegradable materials for his products and looking for fuel-efficient ways to have them delivered to his studio in Media City, Salford.

On a local level, Dan is keen to support his community as a member of the Media City Sustainability and Social Value network. This is an initiative that’s aiming to deliver measurable and impactful results to improve the environment in Salford and on a worldwide scale. 

A desire to do good in the world. To reframe (pun intended) eyewear in the public eye. To educate, entertain and provide the best quality service for customers. These are values that resonate with me on a personal level and they are values that Dan embodies.

To find out more about Dan’s story, check out The Eyewear Stylist and see the awesome work he’s doing.

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