Copywriting and content marketing inspired by philosophy

Every business has a philosophy. A set of values they want to communicate with their customers online and offline.

Great copy and content marketing is key to forging and sharing your brand philosophy and that’s where Stoic Athenaeum comes in.

Brand Philosophy
Website Content

Build your brand philosophy from the ground up with a compelling website, brand tone of voice guide and playbook of fresh content ideas.

The Essays

Create your reputation as a thought leader and become a better writer with articles that match your values and offer unique perspectives.

Lead Magnets

Supercharge engagement with a conversation-starting lead magnet and white paper and have evergreen content that stands the test of time.

Other Services

Not interested in the packages? Check out these additional bespoke copywriting services.

With Tearapy Recovery, I was struggling for clarity and direction on where I wanted to take the business. Jamie’s Brand Circles Of Care workshop was fantastic for helping me get it all out of my head to create a mental health organisation that matches my values and helps my community.

This experience has also sparked some new ideas for my organisation. I’m incredibly appreciative of his creativity, methodical processes and patience. His customer service was wonderful from start to finish.
Nelchael Antoine, Founder of Tearapy Recovery

“Jamie’s philosophy-led approach to content marketing is super fresh, which is so rare to see on LinkedIn and in this industry in general. I’ve learned so much from his articles and slide decks.”

Mel Lee Smith, Managing Editor at Wag

“Jamie’s attention to detail in his writing and researching of aspirational topics is spot on.”

Martin Wroe, Gambit International

“Working with Jamie was a smooth process. He provided some good recommendations for our website copy, took charge of how it would be presented and created copy that clearly reflected our values, mission statement and what we offer our customers.”

David Reeder, founder of Made Simple Media

Brand Circle Of Care

The Brand Circles Of Care workshop is the base of every new project. Analyse your values, form new content ideas, and practice what you preach across all sales channels.

brand circle of care


Built from an interest in ancient ideas, Stoic Athenaeum provides copywriting and content marketing services to businesses in the mental health, hospitality, eCommerce, self-development industries and more.

From laying the foundations of content that matches your values to crafting detailed brand tone of voice guides, the services are bespoke to your requirements.

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