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Copywriting and content marketing is a long-term strategy with multiple avenues. All roads lead towards sharing your philosophy and growing your business. Here are some bespoke options to help promote your services, increase customer engagement and communicate the value of what you offer.

Brand tone of voice guide

A brand tone of voice guide is the foundation on which your in-house writing style is built. It’s what you should refer to when creating content, checking how to phrase specific words, how emails are constructed and more.

Competitor analysis report

A competitor analysis report delves into the voice and style of other brands in your sector. Information includes how they sound, what kind of content they are producing and what could be done better.

Content strategy

Producing content without rhyme or reason stunts business growth. Stoic Athenaeum offers a three-month content strategy that features content types, topics and more so you have a plan from day one.

Social media writing and press releases

Stoic Athenaeum provides social posts for major channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) to educate and entertain different audiences.

In addition, press releases can be written for promoting events and new products and services.

Email campaigns

Email is one of the most powerful channels for connecting with customers and repeatedly offering value.

Stoic Athenaeum specialises in writing email copy that hooks readers, takes them on a journey and builds trust.

Proof reading & editing

Whether you need an extra set of eyes on a website or blog, Stoic Athenaeum offers proofreading and editing services to knock terrible copy into amazing copy.

Podcast transcription

Podcasts are excellent for building your brand, showing your expertise and driving engagement with your customers. The medium is more than just audio.

Stoic Athenaeum provides podcast transcription to turn audio into long-form written content. Improve SEO rankings and provide added value for listeners.

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