“As long as you live, keep learning how to live.”


It starts with a choice…

There comes a time when every brand is called to stand for what they believe in and live their philosophy. To share content that represents their values and display copy that matches what is promised.

On this journey, every brand comes to a fork in the road lined by two paths. The path of content confusion and content ideals.

The path of content confusion

The path of content confusion is a short trail of cutting corners and scatter gunning content without any alignment to your values.

This path is paved with:

Content that’s scattered across channels without any rhyme or reason.

Website copy that doesn’t align with values or messaging.

 An inconsistent brand tone of voice.

Copy that doesn’t address customer pain points or solve problems.

The path of content ideals

Content ideals are the things that can help you strive for and structure everything you create such as your website or blog.

They can be:

Content that aligns with your values and messaging.

Copy that clearly tells your brand story and communicates how you help your audience.

Content that genuinely adds value through education or entertainment.

Landing pages or blogs that are optimised with relevant calls to action and inspire that action.

Live your content ideals with Brand Circles Of Care

Brand Circles Of Care is a framework designed to help brands make sure their content accurately reflects their values. Too often words like ‘ethical’ ‘authentic’ and ‘educational’ get thrown around.

But what do those words actually mean to you? How do you put those into your copy? How do customers get a sense of what you stand for?

Brand Circles Of Care aims to answer those questions by putting your values under a microscope and exploring how they are infused across all aspects of your business.

These findings can then be used to inform the content you create on the way to defining and sharing your brand philosophy.

What does each circle mean?

Brand Values

These are the values that represent what you stand for and connect to how your content should be presented across your website and sales channels.


This circle covers how your values relate to staff, your recruitment process and how you practice what you preach with the people in your immediate vicinity.


This circle is for how you showcase your values to customers through your online and offline content.


The industry circle covers how your values relate to your sector and can be used for turning trends and topics into valuable content.

Who Will It Help?

  • Start-ups that need clarity on how to present their values.
  • Businesses who’re ready to rebrand and develop their tone of voice.
  • Solopreneurs who want to create content that’s aligned to their personal views.

What Are The Benefits?

Clarity On Your Values

When you have a clear representation of your values you can quickly and easily produce content that will continue to connect with your audience.

Time Saving

Outsourcing copywriting to an expert frees you up to invest your time in business activities you enjoy doing.

Content Ideas To Hit The Ground Running

The workshop will give you a base to start producing new content for engaging with your audience.

What Projects Does It Complement?

  • New websites and rebrands
  • Brand tone of voice guide
  • Competitor analysis report
  • Long-form articles and white papers


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