Copywriting Services

Philosophy-led copywriting across different mediums

Stoic Athenaeum approaches content marketing on the understanding that there’s always more to learn and that the best kind of content comes out of asking questions, seeing the sales journey from multiple viewpoints and crafting messages that keep brands and their customers invested in the stories they want to tell.

The most effective kind of copywriting moves beyond the page and builds connections, educates, entertains, inspires and changes perceptions. Just like philosophy.

Why work with Stoic Athenaeum?

  • A huge range of content: From high-quality blogs to targeted straplines, Stoic Athenaeum specialises in a variety of content that will be written and tailored to your brand tone of voice.
  • Fixed pricing: Stoic Athenaeum charges on a fixed rate for all copywriting projects so you know exactly how much you’re spending from day one.
  • Flexible packages: Depending on your budget and requirements, you’ll have your pick of different copywriting packages to suit your needs.

Whether you’re a brand or digital marketing agency, get in touch at for help with your content marketing or use the contact form below.

What content marketing services are provided?

Content Audits

Content audits involve examining all existing content on your website to identify content gaps, optimise your website for search engines and improve the overall user experience.

Stoic Athenaeum will carry out a full content audit and make recommendations that can then be part of a wider content plan and strategy.

Brand Tone Of Voice Creation

Tone of voice is key to telling your brand story. It lets customers know what your values are and gives them a reason to be invested.

From language to cadence, Stoic Athenaeum will work with you to understand your brand tone of voice and help create a bespoke document to be used as your content playbook for the future.

Blogging and long form content

Blogs are essential to building brand awareness, increasing the discoverability of your website and creating engaging content for your audience.

When working with Stoic Athenaeum, you can rest assured that blogs will be:

  • Tailored to your audience
  • Written in your brand tone of voice
  • Attention-grabbing and provide value

Stoic Athenaeum also specialises in writing other types of long form content like whitepapers, eBooks, guest posts and more.

Social media posts

From Instagram to Twitter, Stoic Atheneum creates eye-catching social media posts to drive engagement, increase sales and tell the story of your business.

SEO copywriting

Your website can have the best written content in the world but if no one is reading it then how effective is it?

Stoic Athenaeum offers SEO copywriting that covers meta description and meta titles writing, alt text image writing and additional optimisation to ensure all content is optimised for search engines.

How much do you charge?

Stoic Athenaeum typically charge on a project-by-project basis as every assignment is unique. A project-based copywriting fee takes into account all aspects of the assignment and covers the following:

  • Consultation
  • Meetings
  • Briefing
  • Research and planning
  • Writing
  • Edits and revisions (2 rounds of revisions are factored in)
  • Delivery of the content

This provides peace of mind for both parties and you benefit from knowing the exact cost from the beginning.

In certain cases i.e. with budgets a day rate may be charged. Get in touch to chat about your specific copywriting requirements.

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