How To Endure Like Wolverine

Comics are epic. They make exploring philosophy so much fun and can break down abstract concepts into actionable advice. Think about it. Superheroes and supervillans battle over massive ideological and philosophical differences all the time in movies and we soak it up and keep on asking for more.

Endurance is a topic we’re all familiar with. A topic that superheroes confront everyday and a character who’s endured his fair share of horrible situations is Wolverine. He asks himself the question of how to endure every day and there’s a lot of great insight that can be taken from how he lives his life.

So, how do you endure like Wolverine?

Find out in this free white paper that covers multiple aspects of the man who’s the best there is at what he does. And what he does isn’t very nice.

What will you learn in this PDF? 

  • The tragic origins of Wolverine
  • His connection to Japan and how it’s shaped his personal philosophy
  • Quirky facts about Logan for super comic book geeks
  • Inspirational quotes that can be applied to your life

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