Memento Mori

Much of life is uncertain. One could argue that the only sure thing in life is death and that nothing else matters beyond our actions. Photography is a powerful medium for showcasing abstract ideas like death and exploring other philosophical concepts.

For the Stoics, the idea of death was best expressed through the concept of memento mori, which acts a reminder that life is meant to be lived while it can be. Read on to discover a photography collection inspired by memento mori.

What does the collection entail? 

Memento Mori is a Latin phrase that translates to ‘remember you will die.’ When I first came across the concept I found it quite morbid. But the more I researched, the more I realised that to think of memento mori in those terms completely misses the point. Memento Mori isn’t a resignation against life or a celebration of death. It’s the exact opposite.

It’s the understanding that our time on this Earth truly is short, that every moment is ephemeral and that we must make the most of everything. Arriving at this conclusion was bolstered by my growing interest in Stoic philosophy, as set out by ancient practitioners like Marcus Aurelius and modern Stoics like Ryan Holiday.

The photos in this collection reflect themes of transience, Stoicism and the natural progression of life.

The Symmetry of Blossom Trees by Photography Fables.

The Symmetry of Blossom Trees.

Lives Of The Stoics by Photography Fables.

Lives Of The Stoics.

No Man Is Free Who Is Not Master Of Himself by Photography Fables.

No Man Is Free Who Is Not Master Of Himself.

Remember You Will Die by Photography Fables.

Remember You Will Die.

Letters From A Stoic by Photography Fables.

Letters From A Stoic.

Dying Every Day by Photography Fables.

Dying Every Day.

How To Think Like A Roman Emperor by Photography Fables.

How To Think Like A Roman Emperor.

Transience by Photography Fables.


You Could Leave Life Right Now by Photography Fables.

You Could Leave Life Right Now.

Fleeting beauty by Photography Fables.

Fleeting Beauty.

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