Stoic Athenaeum Offers Philosophy-Backed Content Marketing

Copywriting is an industry that has many angles and viewpoints. It’s an industry I’ve been a part of for years and it’s rewarding, emotional, satisfying, stressful, crazy and thrilling all at once. The craziness gets dialled up even more when you’re a freelance copywriter and so it’s helpful to have a system in place that helps calm the mind, pushes me out of my comfort zone and keeps me going forward.

That’s where Stoicism comes in. Putting the philosophy into practice has provided a foundation for approaching content marketing with fresh eyes and that inspired the creation of Stoic Athenaeum.

A journal that combines content marketing, philosophy and popular culture together, I provide a range of copywriting services through the publication. Read on to discover what they are.

What copywriting services do you provide? 

Content audits 

Content audits involve looking at all existing content on a website. Every page and blog is analysed in order to find content gaps, new ideas and optimise content for search engines. 

Once I’ve completed a content audit of your website, I’ll make recommendations on existing content that can be changed and provide new ideas that can be used for blogs and other types of content.

Content planning and strategies  

Having lots of creativity is great. But that creativity needs to be channelled in the right direction, have a purpose and fit a specific goal. That’s why it’s important to have a detailed content marketing strategy in place.

When working with Stoic Athenaeum, you’ll benefit from a tailored content plan that can run up to three – six months. It’ll feature new content ideas based on competitor research, industry trends and be fitted to certain KPIs.

Brand tone of voice creation

A brand tone of voice document is essential for telling the story of your business. It provides context for your audience and a better way to promote products and services.

Stoic Athenaeum offers in-depth brand tone of voice creation across areas such as tone, cadence and language.

For an example of how this would work, see this article about shaping the tone of voice for Marcus Aurelius.

Blogging, whitepapers and other long form content 

Are you looking to increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website? Blogging is the ideal medium. A high-quality blog will be optimised for search engines, contain valuable content for your audience and create more engagement among your customer base. 

I also offer other types of long-form content, such as whitepapers. This content format is an excellent lead magnet and can be used to attract new prospects. Other types of content in this category include guest blogs, eBooks and more. 

Social media writing 

From Facebook to Instagram, Stoic Athenaeum specialises in creating tailored social media posts. All content will stick to your brand tone of voice, be used to drive more website traffic, increase product sales and more.

Proofreading and editing 

Copywriting is only one part of the content marketing process. To develop truly valuable content, you’ll need it edited and proofread. 

Whether it’s landing pages or blogs written in-house, I can edit all types of content to ensure it matches your preferences.

White label content writing 

Are you a digital marketing agency or content marketer struggling to meet the demands of your clients? Why not try Stoic Athenaeum’s white label copywriting service? 

You’ll benefit from having content written in a timely manner and free yourself up to focus on different tasks.

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