A Stoic’s Guide To Content Marketing Reveals How To Use Stoicism To Become A Better Content Writer

Philosophy is timeless. What began in the marketplaces, streets forums and public offices of the ancient world has branched out into multiple mediums. Our search for meaning has taken us into the digital arena, eager to share our personal philosophies with new audiences, followers and customers.

Like the crowds who attended the Coliseum in the days of ancient Rome, these audiences are hungry for excitement, education and entertainment. They want to know what brands stand for, how their problems can be solved, how they can live a better life and content marketing has become a new type of philosophy for the modern era.

As a content marketer, I love using philosophy to help me better understand myself and my work. Stoicism has been integral to that understanding and a Stoic’s Guide to Content Marketing puts philosophy-led content writing into practice.

Who is this white paper for?

A Stoic’s Guide To Content Marketing is for anyone who wants to improve their content marketing strategy, become a better copywriter, grow their business or learn more about Stoicism.

What will you learn?

From putting Stoic techniques into practice to understanding the connection between content marketing and philosophy, the white paper covers several topics:

  • The story of Stoicism and its relevance today
  • How to apply Stoic wisdom to copywriting
  • A deep dive into the writing techniques of ancient Stoics like Marcus Aurelius and Seneca
  • Resources from modern Stoic marketers

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