Exploring Philosophy As A Way Of Life With Brandon Tumblin

In my mission to make philosophy sexy and down to earth, I’m on a never-ending journey to interview interesting people, philosophers and those who have been impacted by Stoicism.

A conversation I enjoyed recently was with the host of the Strong Stoic podcast Brandon Tumblin. Brandon brings an awesome perspective to the world of philosophy with his blend of storytelling, penchant for challenging ideas and psychology-based thoughts.

In this interview we discuss philosophy as a way of life, pushing beyond the surface level of Stoicism, making ancient ideas accessible and a hell of a lot more. 

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Addressing Self-Care, Mental Health Conditions And Philosophy With Stoicare’s Paul Wilson

Caregiving is a full-time job. One that impacts the mental health of the care provider as much as the person who is being cared for. Finding ways to develop a self-care practice for yourself is essential, especially in the mental health field as Paul Wilson will tell you.

A mental health practitioner and volunteer at Stoicare, Wilson shares great insight into the state of the mental health system in the UK and how Stoicism can be applied for caregivers. 

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Donald Robertson’s Verissimus Is An Ideal Story For Making Stoicism Fun For A New Generation

Stoicism is sexy. All you need to do is look at the huge rise in Stoic content that people are consuming and that’s been popularised by the likes of Ryan Holiday and other authors who’re bringing the philosophy down to earth.

It’s little wonder a philosophy that has been described as austere and confused with being emotionless has found its sex appeal. I’m all for keeping this momentum going and making Stoicism more accessible to younger generations. 

Donald Robertson’s Verissimus graphic novel could be a perfect Stoic entry point for Gen Z readers and younger. Focusing on the life of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Verissimus is a sweeping epic of man putting his philosophy into action and has great relevance today.

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10 Tremendous Takeaways From Breakfast With Seneca

The shadow of the Roman politician Seneca looms large in Stoic philosophy. His work is among the most well-preserved and quoted Stoic texts throughout history, and countless generations have been influenced by his insights into the human condition.

Perhaps this is best seen in The Letters to Lucilius, where Seneca discusses universal themes with his friend. While the letters contain timeless wisdom, Seneca’s ideas are spread across hundreds of pages, and distilling them down could seem like an intimidating task to some.

Not for David Fideler.

In Breakfast With Seneca: A Stoic Guide To The Art Of Living, Fideler has provided a wonderful overview of Seneca’s ideas, and here are my ten biggest takeaways from the book.

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