How To Be A Thoreauvian Photographer

When someone is described as having an eye in photography, it’s a sign of talent. A sign of seeing and capturing the world in a unique way and there’s something wonderfully philosophical about that expression. 

Being able to see is a vital skill in both photography and philosophy and a philosopher who comes to mind is Henry David Thoreau. Known for his close observation of nature and interest in the natural world, Thoreau earned a reputation for being able to see things the average person might think of as downright strange and weird.

And that is precisely what made Thoreau who he was, meaning photographers can take inspiration from the man on how to see the world. So, how do you become a Thoreauvian photographer?

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How To Write Like Seneca: Breaking Down The Brand Tone Of Voice Of A Stoic Philosopher

Tone of voice is crucial to understanding the writing style of an author or brand. It’s the building blocks of a personal story, helping readers and listeners understand the information they are consuming and the ancient world was full of writers who wanted to craft a specific tone of voice for themselves.

The Roman politician Lucius Seneca was one such writer who carefully cultivated a specific identity through his plays, letters and political statements. Complicated and endlessly fascinating, Seneca was a man of many contradictions and it’s in his writing style that we get a glimpse of who he was and the tone of voice he crafted for his own brand of Stoic philosophy.

In this article you’ll find out how to write like Seneca and see his brand tone of voice broken down.

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4 Legendary Copywriters Who Were Giants Of Their Time

These days there are plenty of new techniques brands can use to raise awareness, whether through recording engaging podcasts or creating flashy video campaigns to grab customer attention. 

But before social media, before the internet, before computers there was the written word. The written word was the first major advertising device and the influence is still seen today in headlines, billboards, websites and blogs.

Copywriting has had a long, successful history, and there have been many famous examples of advertisers who’ve tapped into the potential of words to engage their customers. But can their advice still be useful to modern brands?

As a freelance copywriter,  I find it useful to turn back the clock and zone in on some of history’s greatest copywriters to help inform my own work.  

Here are four legendary copywriters who were giants of their time. 

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Deepening My Appreciation Of Stoicism With The Stoa App

Falling down the rabbit hole of Stoicism has been an intriguing journey into a philosophical practice that’s contributing towards the development of a positive mental health routine for myself.

In my hunt to discover new resources about Stoicism I came across the Stoa app, which has plenty of insightful content for people who’re new to the philosophy and for those who’ve been practicing it for years.

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