How To Write Like A Roman Emperor: Forging The Tone Of Voice Of Marcus Aurelius

The Stoics recommended journaling to be a vital part of a daily routine. Writing down thoughts and reflecting on the day could bring clarity and build a foundation for making improvements in small steps. Marcus Aurelius offers one of the greatest representations of journaling with The Meditations, constantly reminding himself of his flaws and urging himself to be a better man. 

Marcus’ writing style (Yes, we’re on a first name basis) has been analysed in depth to try to build a stronger picture of one of the most powerful men in history. As a copywriter, I find writing style to be a fascinating subject and it’s a huge part of how a brand shapes its tone of voice and the story that will be shared with customers.

In this article I’ll break down Marcus’ writing into a tone of voice across three key areas: tone, cadence and language. 

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Stoic Entry 8

When your body calls for rest
Listen to it
When the mind calls for action
Listen to it
When the spirit calls for bravery
Listen to it

The Absurd Philosophy Of Copywriting With Andrew Boulton

The life of a copywriter can be an up and down rollercoaster of procrastination, running to hit deadlines and reworking a fifth draft at the last possible minute. It’s also a great opportunity to practice Stoicism, to work with other creatives and tell some amazing stories for clients.

Andrew Boulton is a copywriter whose spent a lot of time in the trenches and got a lot of war stories to tell. The author of the popular Copywriting Is, Boulton has made a mark with his irreverent copywriting style.

This interview was originally posted on my pop culture website The Comic Vault and I’m sharing it on Stoic Athenaeum because Boulton provides some great insight into the philosophy of content marketing.

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Stoic Entry 7

When you feel imposter syndrome
Accept it as a natural part of the human condition
Don’t say to yourself that you escaped it
Say that you discarded it because it was within you
Perception is reality

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