Stupid Ideas And The Rhythm Of Direct Response Copywriting With Glenn Fisher

Who was Glenn Fisher before he was a copywriter? 

I was an accountant/auditor. I was going through life writing reports about the financial systems of places in the local council. And then something broke in my head and I decided I didn’t want to do that anymore.

I wanted to write in some form or another. Since I liked creative writing, I decided to do a degree locally. Flash forward, I needed a writing job and knew I didn’t want to be a journalist. So, I applied for every job that had the word ‘writer’ in it and by pure chance I applied for an Agora job in London. The role was for a junior copywriter and I didn’t know what copywriting was at the time. It seemed cool and I got to learn about direct-response copywriting.

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Montaignian Perspectives & The Philosophy Of Survey Research With Sam McNerny

When it comes to market research, there are many tools at our disposal. And one of the most effective mediums for gathering data and building a full picture of customer behaviour is the survey. Sam McNerny is a survey expert who goes far beyond the surface level of yes or no questions and his research philosophy is worth hearing.

Read on to learn more about his story and how the French philosopher Michel de Montaigne inspired his work.

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Ethical Leadership & Philosophical Training At Work With Ben Wilberforce-Ritchie

Great to chat Ben and to see all the work you’re doing with philosophy. What were your earliest experiences with philosophy and has your perspective changed over time?

It’s changed a lot throughout my life. I studied philosophy at school, starting back when it was called theology and philosophy for GCSE, and then at A level and what captured me was the philosophical aspect. 

So we ran through things such as Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Epicurus. The big hitters of the time. It was very much Western philosophy and that interest then flowed naturally into my university degree.

The real reason why I ended up doing it at uni was because, at that time, I didn’t know what to study. My background was military, so my intention was to join the Royal Marines. But I wanted to get a degree and enjoy university at the same time. 

My perspective was that philosophy, because there are no right or wrong answers, would be perfect. I thought: “I basically can’t get it wrong! I just have to argue really well”. That was my illogical teenage reasoning for choosing philosophy. Thankfully, I got really into it as I realised how well it teaches you to think. 

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