Peter Taylor On The Saga Of Nidhoggr Mead And Viking Philosophy

Viking mythology and philosophy is endlessly fascinating. The great sagas of the Norse gods and heroes continue to be retold and revamped through pop culture. Mead was a central part of viking culture, a source of celebration, worship and connecting with their roots.

Today, mead is experiencing a boom in popularity and its people like Peter Taylor who’re leading the charge in the UK and beyond. Taylor is the founder of Nidhoggr Mead and it was a pleasure to interview him about his love of viking philosophy, storytelling and great drinks.

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How To Endure Like Wolverine

Comics are a wonderful medium for exploring philosophy and making different schools of thought more accessible to a wider audience. Superheroes and supervillains regularly battle over huge philosophical and ideological perspectives on the page and in movies. 

Endurance is a universal concept across all kinds of philosophy and a superhero who is forced to ask himself the question of what endurance means every day is Wolverine. Throughout his long life, Wolverine has endured some truly horrific situations and there are Stoic insights to be gleaned from his experiences. 

I’m not saying Wolverine is pure Stoic. What I’m saying is there are certain Stoic lessons that can be taken from the character. Let’s see what they are. 

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Appreciating The Little Things With Sei Shōnagon

Throughout Japanese history, powerful women have been at the centre of the culture, constantly defying the odds and carving out a name to be remembered. From Tomoe Gozen to Masami Odate, Japanese women have picked up swords and thrown themselves into fights on their personal journeys to define who they are. 

Not every woman has needed to pick up a weapon. In the case of Sei Shōnagon, she created a legacy by picking up the pen. A writer, philosopher and courtly woman of intrigue, Shōnagon’s story is a fascinating tale of how to appreciate the small things in life.

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The Green Arrow Guide To Becoming A Social Justice Warrior

Comics, like other storytelling mediums, have often been used to address a range of political issues, such as immigration, gun control and climate change. Superheroes have been used as symbols for different movements, but few characters have stuck to their political and philosophical principles quite like Green Arrow.

Oliver Queen has emerged as a voice of liberal activism and social change. A self-proclaimed ‘defender of the little guy,’ Green Arrow is a superhero who wears his liberalism on his sleeve.

Ollie’s political views have become as integral to him as his bow and quiver. His transformation from spoiled rich kid into social justice warrior makes him unique among his peers. Understanding Green Arrow’s politics is essential to understanding who he is as a person.

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How To Be Compassionate: Wonder Woman And Mental Health First Aid

Mental health has never been more important than it is now. While many people have become more comfortable with talking about their experiences, there are countless more who are still hesitant to speak out for fear of being judged. When someone takes the time to address mental health, it can be extremely powerful and help to spread more compassion around the subject.

Compassion is a core tenet of being a superhero. And few superheroes are more empathetic than Wonder Woman. Strong, brave and resolute, Diana Prince has all the qualities of a mental health advocate. That’s why she’d made an excellent mental health first aider.

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The Eternal Optimist: Nightwing And The Philosophy Of Positivity

The life of a superhero is often dangerous and stressful. In addition to protecting innocents, superheroes have to balance a secret identity with their personal life, so it’s little wonder that the pressure can take a toll on mental health. But some comic characters are able to remain optimistic no matter how bad their circumstances become. Nightwing is a perfect example.

You’d think that partnering with Batman for so many years would have left a dark mark. But Richard Grayson has been able to take everything in his stride. From his earliest years, the original Robin has maintained a positive philosophy that’s stayed with him throughout his life.

From a mental health perspective, that’s powerful. So, let’s take a closer look at the life of the original Boy Wonder and see what makes him such a great role model for positive mental health.

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Exploring The Philosophy Of Anger Management Through Rankorr

Anger is a widely discussed emotion in the realm of philosophy and from Buddhism to Stoicism, it is more often than not thought of as a destructive, negative emotion. While expressing rage in the moment might feel good, we don’t usually like being mad at people and in the long run it causes more harm than good.

Anger management is often at the centre of many philosophical practices and a medium that shines an interesting light on anger management is comics. Specifically with the superhero Rankorr from DC Comics and his identity as a Red Lantern. 

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A Stoic’s Guide To A Philosophical Playlist

When viewed through the lens of philosophy, music has a lot to say. Whether it’s rock, hip hop or country, the listener takes their own meaning from the song, rhythm and beat. For me, there are songs that resonate with Stoicism and help to put me in the Stoic mindset.

Here’s a list of tracks that can help you to Stoic it up and bear in mind that this list is entirely subjective. Each of the songs have a personal connection to me and you may find there are other tunes that best describe your own philosophy.

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Stoic Athenaeum Offers Philosophy-Backed Content Marketing

Copywriting is an industry that has many angles and viewpoints. It’s an industry I’ve been a part of for years and it’s rewarding, emotional, satisfying, stressful, crazy and thrilling all at once. The craziness gets dialled up even more when you’re a freelance copywriter and so it’s helpful to have a system in place that helps calm the mind, pushes me out of my comfort zone and keeps me going forward.

That’s where Stoicism comes in. Putting the philosophy into practice has provided a foundation for approaching content marketing with fresh eyes and that inspired the creation of Stoic Athenaeum.

A journal that combines content marketing, philosophy and popular culture together, I provide a range of copywriting services through the publication. Read on to discover what they are.

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Toss A Cogito To Your Witcher: Stoicism And Geralt Of Rivia’s Philosophy Of Life

Popular culture is filled with characters who live and breathe philosophy through their actions. It’s through this lens I find philosophy easier to interpret and become more thoughtful about how to apply certain lessons in my own life.

When it comes to a philosophy like Stoicism, a character that displays Stoic aspects is Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series.

I’ll caveat this article by saying I don’t believe Geralt to be a pure Stoic. What is worth noting is that he does embody certain traits that gel with the philosophy.

So, let’s take a deeper look into The White Wolf’s philosophy of life and how it can help to make Stoicism easier to understand.

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