How To Endure Like Wolverine

Comics are a wonderful medium for exploring philosophy and making different schools of thought more accessible to a wider audience. Superheroes and supervillains regularly battle over huge philosophical and ideological perspectives on the page and in movies. 

Endurance is a universal concept across all kinds of philosophy and a superhero who is forced to ask himself the question of what endurance means every day is Wolverine. Throughout his long life, Wolverine has endured some truly horrific situations and there are Stoic insights to be gleaned from his experiences. 

I’m not saying Wolverine is pure Stoic. What I’m saying is there are certain Stoic lessons that can be taken from the character. Let’s see what they are. 

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How To Network Like Panaetius

Networking is an inevitable part of life. Sooner or later you will be called to network to build your business, connect with others to share your ideas, speak to friends and form communities that reflect your values.

In the context of business networking, there’s the myth of the self-made person who confidently strolls into an event and gains leads effortlessly. That all successes are down to an individual’s actions, amazing talent, intelligence and relentless drive.

I don’t believe anyone is self-made and neither did Panaetius of Rhodes. Stoic philosopher, master connector and politician, Panaetius was one of the greatest networkers of his day and there’s a lot of insight to be gained in how to connect with people across all mediums.

So, let’s find out what the seventh leader of the Stoic school has to teach us about networking.

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How To Be A Thoreauvian Photographer

When someone is described as having an eye in photography, it’s a sign of talent. A sign of seeing and capturing the world in a unique way and there’s something wonderfully philosophical about that expression. 

Being able to see is a vital skill in both photography and philosophy and a philosopher who comes to mind is Henry David Thoreau. Known for his close observation of nature and interest in the natural world, Thoreau earned a reputation for being able to see things the average person might think of as downright strange and weird.

And that is precisely what made Thoreau who he was, meaning photographers can take inspiration from the man on how to see the world. So, how do you become a Thoreauvian photographer?

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How To Be An Epicurean Sommelier

Seeking pleasure in life is natural. It’s a goal we all strive for and there’s a lot to be said about pleasure from a philosophical point of view. Pleasure has become synonymous with being an epicurean, someone who likes indulging in luxury, fine meals and experiences. Yet this view misses the point of what true Epicureanism is in relation to food and culinary experiences like wine tasting and more.

From the perspective of being a sommelier, Epicureanism has some interesting connotations and in this article you’ll learn how to embrace the philosophy the next time you’re serving customers.

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