How To Network Like Panaetius

Networking is an inevitable part of life. Sooner or later you will be called to network to build your business, connect with others to share your ideas, speak to friends and form communities that reflect your values.

In the context of business networking, there’s the myth of the self-made person who confidently strolls into an event and gains leads effortlessly. That all successes are down to an individual’s actions, amazing talent, intelligence and relentless drive.

I don’t believe anyone is self-made and neither did Panaetius of Rhodes. Stoic philosopher, master connector and politician, Panaetius was one of the greatest networkers of his day and there’s a lot of insight to be gained in how to connect with people across all mediums.

So, let’s find out what the seventh leader of the Stoic school has to teach us about networking.

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Using Stoicism As A Blueprint For Better Leadership With Michael McGill

Philosophy is a universal concept that reaches across multiple sectors, with people finding their own unique way of putting it into practice. For Michael McGill, Stoicism has made him a more effective leader and IT professional.

It was great to chat with Michael about his Stoic experiences and the role that philosophy plays in leadership.

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