5 Lessons From Epicurus Digital Marketers Should Embrace

In the digital marketing world, people are constantly looking for fresh ways to connect with their audience and get ahead of the competition. Whether it’s designing new technology or developing the latest algorithm, marketers are eager to embrace the future. Yet taking inspiration from the past is important too.

A great example of learning from the past is embracing Epicureanism, the philosophy of Epicurus. For him, the purpose of philosophy was to acquire a happy, peaceful life through ataraxia, the freedom from fear and aponia, the absence of pain. Basically, he preached YOLO before YOLO was a thing.

Epicurus’ views are relevant in the modern age and here are five of his teachings that can be applied to digital marketing. 

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How To Be An Epicurean Sommelier

Seeking pleasure in life is natural. It’s a goal we all strive for and there’s a lot to be said about pleasure from a philosophical point of view. Pleasure has become synonymous with being an epicurean, someone who likes indulging in luxury, fine meals and experiences. Yet this view misses the point of what true Epicureanism is in relation to food and culinary experiences like wine tasting and more.

From the perspective of being a sommelier, Epicureanism has some interesting connotations and in this article you’ll learn how to embrace the philosophy the next time you’re serving customers.

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Finding Your Path To The Good Life: Philosophy Of Tales Of The Frontier

What I’ve come to love about philosophy is that it can be reinvented and reinterpreted throughout history. It can be moulded into countless mediums and be seen through different lenses. So, it was only a matter of time before I introduced philosophy into Tales Of The Frontier, a horror universe based on the wild west that contains monsters and magic.

I also recently published my debut horror novella AT THE DEAD OF DUSK that is set in the world of The Frontier. The philosophies that are explored in this article are inspired by worldviews like Epicureanism, Stoicism and Skepticism. 

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