Facing Fear And Anxiety: Jessica Cruz And Her Identity As A Mental Health Role Model

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders, affecting people all over the world. Whether in social situations or not, it can leave a person feeling worthless and paralysed.

A superhero that’s needed to fight anxiety every day is Jessica Cruz. As Earth’s first female Green Lantern, Cruz has a big role to fill, but her anxiety has made it difficult to fight crime.

Her mental health struggles have been presented in an authentic way and I believe Cruz is a role model for people who suffer from anxiety.

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4 Superheroes That Embody Stoicism

Life’s unpredictability isn’t something we can plan for. It takes us by surprise. It blindsides us. It throws up everything we thought we understood about ourselves and smashes it to pieces, and it’s often in those moments where we come to see our true measure and develop the ability to endure. 

Endurance is at the heart of Stoicism, the philosophy popularised by men like Zeno and Seneca, a philosophy with many practical applications in the modern day, a concept channeled through superheroes who’ve inspired generations of comic fans and readers.

With that said, here are four superheroes that embody the Stoic principles of justice, courage, wisdom and temperance.

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