Exploring The Philosophy Of Anger Management Through Rankorr

Anger is a widely discussed emotion in the realm of philosophy and from Buddhism to Stoicism, it is more often than not thought of as a destructive, negative emotion. While expressing rage in the moment might feel good, we don’t usually like being mad at people and in the long run it causes more harm than good.

Anger management is often at the centre of many philosophical practices and a medium that shines an interesting light on anger management is comics. Specifically with the superhero Rankorr from DC Comics and his identity as a Red Lantern. 

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A Stoic’s Guide To A Philosophical Playlist

When viewed through the lens of philosophy, music has a lot to say. Whether it’s rock, hip hop or country, the listener takes their own meaning from the song, rhythm and beat. For me, there are songs that resonate with Stoicism and help to put me in the Stoic mindset.

Here’s a list of tracks that can help you to Stoic it up and bear in mind that this list is entirely subjective. Each of the songs has a personal connection to me and you may find there are other tunes that best describe your own philosophy.

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4 Superheroes That Embody Stoicism

Life’s unpredictability isn’t something we can plan for. It takes us by surprise. It blindsides us. It throws up everything we thought we understood about ourselves and smashes it to pieces, and it’s often in those moments where we come to see our true measure and develop the ability to endure. 

Endurance is at the heart of Stoicism, the philosophy popularised by men like Zeno and Seneca, a philosophy with many practical applications in the modern day, a concept channeled through superheroes who’ve inspired generations of comic fans and readers.

With that said, here are four superheroes that embody the Stoic principles of justice, courage, wisdom and temperance.

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