Making Philosophy Great Again With Anya Leonard

Philosophy is sexy. At least in my opinion. Ancient philosophers were the rockstars of their time and wisdom was being dropped with the passion of rappers like Eminem and Jay Z.

Today, the topic can be associated with academia but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are others on a mission to make philosophy sexy and Anya Leonard is a fellow traveller.

The founder of Classical Wisdom and an author, Anya runs regular events that make philosophy accessible, fun and down to earth. In this interview we get into the ideal philosophers to invite to a dinner party, good mental health practices and so much more!

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On The Hunt For Wisdom With J.W Bertolotti

Philosophy and wisdom go hand in hand. It’s a pursuit of wanting to learn how to live appropriately and using techniques that are practical in daily life. J.W Bertolotti has dedicated himself to this path through the Perennial Leader Project and his podcast In Search Of Wisdom.

It was a pleasure to interview Bertolotti about his experiences with philosophy and as a former air force veteran he’s got plenty of stories to tell. In this interview, he shares his thoughts on Stoicism, love, suffering and what it means to turn knowledge into wisdom. 

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Tyler Paytas On The Practical Wisdom Of The Stoics, Kant And Sidgwick

Philosophy doesn’t have to be confined to the academic world. It can be lived through your actions and through how you view the world. Philosophy can be popularised across different mediums and Tyler Paytas is on a mission to bring philosophy out of academics and into the general population.

An author, teacher, lecturer and admirer of the Stoics, Kant and more, Paytas shares his passion for philosophy in this interview.

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Learning How To Spar With Wisdom In Simon Drew’s Powerful Poet & The Sage

Philosophy comes in many shapes, forms, roads and paths. All these directions lead to the same direction: the pursuit of wisdom. Of finding ways to be better. Of getting to know yourself and others a little better every day.

It’s this pursuit of wisdom that informs Simon Drew’s The Poet & The Sage, a book that dives deep into the essence of philosophy and invites you to find your own meaning.

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