A Stoic’s Guide To A Philosophical Playlist

When viewed through the lens of philosophy, music has a lot to say. Whether it’s rock, hip hop or country, the listener takes their own meaning from the song, rhythm and beat. For me, there are songs that resonate with Stoicism and help to put me in the Stoic mindset.

Here’s a list of tracks that can help you to Stoic it up and bear in mind that this list is entirely subjective. Each of the songs has a personal connection to me and you may find there are other tunes that best describe your own philosophy.

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5 Powerful Journaling Lessons I Learned From Chris Jericho’s The Complete List Of Jericho

There’s a lot to love about journaling. It’s therapeutic, helps to reflect on thoughts, provides a space to zone out and creates the opportunity for self-growth through interrogating who you are and who you want to be. 

I enjoy journaling for the positive mental health benefits it provides and when it comes to looking at how other people journal, I get really geeky about the process and seeing what practices can be used in my own routine.

With that said, I’ve learned some valuable journaling lessons from pro wrestler Chris Jericho after reading The Complete List Of Jericho. In the book, Jericho records an incredible 2722 wrestling matches and it inspired me to think about my own journaling techniques. 

Here are five key lessons on journaling I’ve taken away from Chris Jericho. 

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