Ciceronian Language Tactics For Upping Your Copywriting

Have you ever wanted to be more persuasive or found yourself wondering how someone convinced you to buy something or agree with their point of view?

Whether intentional or not, odds are we’re all tapping into the idea of rhetoric.

Rhetoric is an ancient system of persuasion that’s used in speeches, talks and written work and it’s got a bad rep because people often associate it with manipulation.

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Avoid This Machiavellian Mistake When Creating Thought Leadership Content

Creating a big piece of thought leadership content like a white paper is a great opportunity for a business to connect with customers, develop leads and build authority.

It makes me reflect that there are many examples of books or texts throughout history that carried the same purpose as a white paper.

Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince is a strong example. Machiavelli wrote about what an effective ruler or prince should do in the ends justify the means approach.

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10 Tremendous Takeaways From Breakfast With Seneca

The shadow of the Roman politician Seneca looms large in Stoic philosophy. His work is among the most well-preserved and quoted Stoic texts throughout history, and countless generations have been influenced by his insights into the human condition.

Perhaps this is best seen in The Letters to Lucilius, where Seneca discusses universal themes with his friend. While the letters contain timeless wisdom, Seneca’s ideas are spread across hundreds of pages, and distilling them down could seem like an intimidating task to some.

Not for David Fideler.

In Breakfast With Seneca: A Stoic Guide To The Art Of Living, Fideler has provided a wonderful overview of Seneca’s ideas, and here are my ten biggest takeaways from the book.

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Steven Picanza On Branding The Stoics And Making Philosophy Sexy

There are many paths into philosophy and often the door opens because of setbacks or events beyond our control. This is true for brand strategist Steven Picanza who came to Stoicism through a series of unfortunate events and became stronger.

Co-owner of Latin & Code, Picanza weaves philosophy into his brand strategies and it was great to chat to him about what branding means today, rebranding the Stoics and how to make philosophy sexy again.

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