The vikings believed in concepts that existed outside the material world. Gods, magic and myths mingled with the everyday of raiding, farming, living, fighting and loving. This was Old Norse philosophy in practice and vikings sought to change their fate and raise their fortunes with a concept called seidr.

In Old Norse, seidr translates to cord or string. It’s a magic-based ideology that looks at fate as a flowing, malleable object. It’s about symbolically changing the course of one’s life and bringing new events into reality. 

To do this, seidr practitioners relied on specific objects to bring them closer to the gods. They needed to enter a trance in order to enter the world of the spirits. 

The following photo collection tells the story of seidr through Norse objects and viking runes.

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Memento Mori

Much of life is uncertain. One could argue that the only sure thing in life is death and that nothing else matters beyond our actions. Photography is a powerful medium for showcasing abstract ideas like death and exploring other philosophical concepts.

For the Stoics, the idea of death was best expressed through the concept of memento mori, which acts a reminder that life is meant to be lived while it can be. Read on to discover a photography collection inspired by memento mori.

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