Unearthing The Tone Of Voice And Philosophy Of Epictetus

Tone of voice is a powerful writing tool. It’s the building blocks of how ideas are shared, how information is digested. Ancient philosophers had their own unique tone of voice for connecting with their students and Epictetus stands out.

Stoic philosopher, teacher and slave, Epictetus’ work has influenced countless generations and his tone of voice comes to life in the pages of The Discourses and Enchiridion.

It’s worth noting Epictetus didn’t write down his teachings. Instead, they were recorded by his student Arrian. I’ve set out to deconstruct Epictetus’ voice across language, cadence and tone and unearth his philosophical style.

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Mel Lee-Smith On The Balancing Act Of Writing And Mental Health

Freelancing is an industry of perspectives. The story of every freelancer is unique and each person brings something new to the conversation. Hearing these unique stories and sharing the wisdom and philosophy of freelance creativity is a big part of Stoic Athenaeum and it was wonderful to speak to Mel Lee-Smith about her experiences.

A freelance copywriter, Mel speaks openly about her battles with mental health, her approach to freelance writing and why output doesn’t determine your worth as a person. 

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The Inner Citadel

An endless pursuit

Dogged by uncertainties

The everyday

Hopes and dreams we grasp for

Out of reach, fingertips away

Empty glories built on sand

A vast kingdom to have no kingdom

A kingdom of the soul

A citadel

Glittering with good character

To reflect on the riches you give others

Not a throne of retreat

A waystation to action

Transmuting words into works

Forging a road to the good life

How To Write Like Seneca: Breaking Down The Brand Tone Of Voice Of A Stoic Philosopher

Tone of voice is crucial to understanding the writing style of an author or brand. It’s the building blocks of a personal story, helping readers and listeners understand the information they are consuming and the ancient world was full of writers who wanted to craft a specific tone of voice for themselves.

The Roman politician Lucius Seneca was one such writer who carefully cultivated a specific identity through his plays, letters and political statements. Complicated and endlessly fascinating, Seneca was a man of many contradictions and it’s in his writing style that we get a glimpse of who he was and the tone of voice he crafted for his own brand of Stoic philosophy.

In this article you’ll find out how to write like Seneca and see his brand tone of voice broken down.

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