How To Network Like Panaetius

Networking is an inevitable part of life. Sooner or later you will be called to network to build your business, connect with others to share your ideas, speak to friends and form communities that reflect your values.

In the context of business networking, there’s the myth of the self-made person who confidently strolls into an event and gains leads effortlessly. That all successes are down to an individual’s actions, amazing talent, intelligence and relentless drive.

I don’t believe anyone is self-made and neither did Panaetius of Rhodes. Stoic philosopher, master connector and politician, Panaetius was one of the greatest networkers of his day and there’s a lot of insight to be gained in how to connect with people across all mediums.

So, let’s find out what the seventh leader of the Stoic school has to teach us about networking.

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Mel Lee-Smith On The Balancing Act Of Writing And Mental Health

Freelancing is an industry of perspectives. The story of every freelancer is unique and each person brings something new to the conversation. Hearing these unique stories and sharing the wisdom and philosophy of freelance creativity is a big part of Stoic Athenaeum and it was wonderful to speak to Mel Lee-Smith about her experiences.

A freelance copywriter, Mel speaks openly about her battles with mental health, her approach to freelance writing and why output doesn’t determine your worth as a person. 

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A Stoic’s Guide To Content Marketing Reveals How To Use Stoicism To Become A Better Content Writer

Philosophy is timeless. What began in the marketplaces, streets forums and public offices of the ancient world has branched out into multiple mediums. Our search for meaning has taken us into the digital arena, eager to share our personal philosophies with new audiences, followers and customers.

Like the crowds who attended the Coliseum in the days of ancient Rome, these audiences are hungry for excitement, education and entertainment. They want to know what brands stand for, how their problems can be solved, how they can live a better life and content marketing has become a new type of philosophy for the modern era.

As a content marketer, I love using philosophy to help me better understand myself and my work. Stoicism has been integral to that understanding and a Stoic’s Guide to Content Marketing puts philosophy-led content writing into practice.

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Appreciating The Little Things With Sei Shōnagon

Throughout Japanese history, powerful women have been at the centre of the culture, constantly defying the odds and carving out a name to be remembered. From Tomoe Gozen to Masami Odate, Japanese women have picked up swords and thrown themselves into fights on their personal journeys to define who they are. 

Not every woman has needed to pick up a weapon. In the case of Sei Shōnagon, she created a legacy by picking up the pen. A writer, philosopher and courtly woman of intrigue, Shōnagon’s story is a fascinating tale of how to appreciate the small things in life.

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